Restoration Ecological Services is an ecological consulting and services company located in Easton, MD. With clients scattered throughout Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, RES has worked with marinas, golf courses, and other commercial enterprises; residential communities; local and state governments; and a large number of private property owners. Despite having over 35 years of experience in various ecological fields, we are known for treating each request with a fresh perspective, and we are constantly searching for new and better ways of solving your ecological and management problems.
Our consulting and management services include:
-Wetlands and Waterways
-Lake and Pond Restoration/Management     
-Forest Conservation (Maryland)
-Chesapeake and Coastal Bays Critical Areas (Maryland)
-Invasive Species Control
-Natural Areas Management
-Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
If we can’t address your problem, we can direct you to experienced people who can. Contact us for a free estimate at 410-924-4452 or
American Lotus in Cecil County